Research Grant

Short-term Research Grant (New Academic Staff with PhD)
i.                  Project Leader, Vot Number 77969 (RM 20 000), “The Interaction of Mobile Handset
           Antenna with Human Head and Hand at ISM frequency bands (2.4 GHz   5.8 GHz)”, 
          Aug 2010-Aug 2011.
Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
i.         Project Leader, Vot Number 78617 (RM 40 000), “On the Effect of the Metallic
           Jewellery, the Human Head & Hand on the Handset Antenna Performance at
           2.4 GHz   5.8 GHz”, Apr 2010-Mar 2012.
ii.               Researcher, Vot Number 78576 (RM 36 000), “Investigation on the Maxwell’s Equation
           Derivation on the Body Properties and Effect of Force Pulse Resonant to Kill the Human
           Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) HIV I & II Viruses”, Apr 2010-Mar 2012.
iii.                Researcher, Vot Number 78574 (RM 44 000), “An Investigation of Flexible Antenna
           using Textile Material”, Apr 2010-Mar 2012.